Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger District

Miami Mountain Fire Lookout Volunteer Forms
The Miami Mt. Lookout is useualy open from Memorial Day Weekend through October or November each year.

Everyone must be a U.S. citizen or national and fill out new volunteer paperwork with the U.S. Forest Service
and have it approved every year before driving up to, training, staffing or working at Miami lookout.
Those under 18 years of age must also submit the required paperwork and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Those wishing to Volunteer at Miami Lookout should attend and fill out the required U.S.F.S. forms/paperwork 
at the pre-season sign up/orientation meeting which is usually held on a Saturday morning in April each year.
This meeting is currently held at the Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger Dist. Office, in North Fork, CA
The date & time will be published in local newspapers and other media as well as posted on
our General Activity Calendar and on the Central Sierra Fire Lookout Group and Miami Fire Lookout Facebook pages.
Those who staffed the LO the previous year will also receive an email notification of the sign-up meeting.
Those who CAN NOT attend the annual Lookout pre-season sign up/orientation meeting,
can obtain the required paperwork and related information from:

Franny Adams, (Patrol 52) Fire Prevention Technician
Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Ranger District
57003 Rd 225, North Fork, CA  93643
email:  fadams@fs.fed.us         phone:  (559) 877-2218  ext. 3109

Volunteer forms will be avaiable on-line soon!
** Full submisstion information will be included with the forms.
Please contact Franny Adams directly with any questions regarding your Volunteer paperwork.
When you send in your paperwork back to the Forest Service, also let us know via info@csflg.org, that you have sent it in.
(Please incluse your full name and contact information.)
This will allow us to help you track your paperwork through the FS approval process. Plus once we have been notified
that your paperwork has been approved it will also help us to schedule your training and staffing days quicker.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to other obligations and duties of U.S.F.S. personal,
Paperwork NOT filled out and submitted at the pre-season sign-up/orientation meeting
can take longer to process and may not be approved in time to train or work at the Lookout.

There are some useful pre-onsite training information listed on this site at: http://csflg.org/training.htm

Once you Forest Service paperwork is approved, on-site training for new Volunteers usually takes one day,
depending on how comfortable you and your trainer feel about you staffing the lookout on your own. Those
under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must also fill out and summit
the required paperwork for approval. Couples may train and staff together if they wish.

Please feel free to email us at info@csflg.org if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Alice "Ali" Ketman
Miami Mtn. Lookout Volunteer Staff Coordinator

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