Central Sierra Fire Lookouts Group
Lookout Staff Training Information
Training for all our Lookout Volunteers starts at our Pre-Season Sign up and Orintation Meeting.
This meeting is not only for signing up, we also go over the paperwork, outline of duties and other
necessary and useful updates and information. Everyone (new and returning volunteers) must fill
out and have their paperwork apprived every year before driving up to the lookout for any reason.
Once we are notified that your paperwork has been signed off by the U.S.F.S. District Ranger and
Miami Lookout opens we will contact you to schedual your on site training. On site training useual
takes one day, depending on how conforatble you and your trainer are about you staffing the LO
on your own.

Below are some pre-onsite training and refresser videos for all SNF, Bass Lake Ranger District,
Fire Lookout Volunteers. Along with other recommended optional training information for our
Volunteers or anyone else (paid or volunteer) who staffs fire lookouts or deals with wildland fires.

- Pre-Onsite Training Videos:

How to use the Osborn Fire Finder.  (3:15 min. YouTube Video)

The New Generation Fire Shelter (25:30 min. YouTube Video)

--------Recommemded  / Optional Training Information:
COMET MetEd - Introduction to Meteorological Chartines
- Advanced Fire Weather Forecasters Course includes online lesson; (updated 2017) Fire Weather Forecasting: Clear Communications, 2nd Edition National Weather Service - JetStream - Online School for Weather - Storm Spotter Class (Basic and Advanced) in Hanford, CA World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) - International Cloud Atlas Manual


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