Central Sierra Fire Lookout Group
While promoting the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of Lookouts,
the Central Sierra Fire Lookouts are a group of Volunteers working with
the USFS, Sierra National Forest, Bass Lake Lake Randger District
to help staff lookouts, train volunteers & maintain the forest fire lookouts, grounds and equitement.
The primary activitie is the volunteer staffing and maintenance of the
Miami Mt. Fire Lookout / Joe Knowles Memorial Tower and grounds.
U.S.F.S. Volunteer paperwork must be filled out and signed off every year
before volunteering time at any of the lookouts.
Click here for more information about Volunteering at Miami Lookout.

The 2012 Miami Mountain Lookout Personnel 
Sierra National Forest - Volunteer Group of the Year Award
receive recognition from Congress and President Oboma

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- Experienced Lookout Volunteers may also be asked to help:
Train new Lookout Volunteers and staff other nearby Lookouts as needed.

Our Ongoing & Long Term Projects:
- Repair and maintenance of Maimi Lookout & grounds and equitment. -
Other Activities
(other than working at lookout locations)
Include but not limited to
- FUND RAISING - - Help updateing training materials and manuals for the Lookouts - - Helping at the Smokey Bear Run/Walk at Bass Lake, CA. - - Helping staff USFS booth at local fairs and other events, as needed. - - Other special lookout realted projects as needed. -
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